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NAME OF ASSOCIATION:   _________________________________________


Number of households in your association:     __________

Frequency of dues (circle):     Monthly     Quarterly     Annual 

Approximate number of vendor checks per month:     __________


Are you required to file Tax Return 1120-H ?     No _______       Yes _______       Don't Know_______ 


How many special mailings per year ?     _______

Number of trustees:     _______

How would you like your proposal sent ?

1.         Mailed to:        ______________________________________________
2.         Faxed to:         ______________________________
3.         Emailed to:      ________________________________________

Please fax or email the completed checklist to Terri at

Fax 314-842-7045

Homeowner Association Accounting Services, Inc.

AccounTax Business Services, Inc.

11420 Gravois Road,  St. Louis,  MO  63126

(314) 842-1313   FAX 842-7045

terri@hoa-stl.com  -  fran@hoa-stl.com 



Sample Homeowners Association

St Louis, MO

RE:   Sample  Proposal  for  Homeowner  Association  Accounting  Services

Dear Trustee,

As we discussed, we present the following proposal for the collection and accounting requirements of Your Homeowner Association.  This proposal is binding only on us and may be cancelled by you at any time

Services to be performed:  Complete Accounting Service With Invoicing and Bill Paying

Accounts Receivable Processing:

Þ    We will prepare and mail invoices to each homeowner on an annual basis.

Þ    We will post all payments received to the accounts receivable ledger and deposit weekly.

Þ    Accounts receivable collection and aging reports will be generated monthly.

Þ    Past due accounts will be notified by a separate collection statement.

Accounts Payable Processing

Þ    We will write checks and pay all vendor invoices submitted by you on a semi-monthly basis.

Þ    All payments will be posted to the appropriate financial statement accounts.

Financial Statement Preparation

Þ    We will provide you with a monthly balance sheet and income statement prepared on the accrual basis.

We propose to perform the above-listed services for the fixed base fee of $XXX per month. 

This fee quote is based on the assumption that we will invoice XXX units and write approximately XXX vendor checks per year.  This fee quote is also based on the assumption that you will fax or mail all invoices to be paid on a weekly basis and that we will only be contacted by one or two authorized trustees.

Expenses are invoiced separately.  The above fee does not include the cost of postage, stationary, printing, extra mailings, legal fees, tax return preparation if required or personal attendance at meetings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or Fran.  We truly appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.


Terri Launhardt, MBA