Why are we different than the rest ?

1. Fees Based on Our Activity versus Fees Based on Your Income.

 Our fees are based on the number of homeowners and the actual transaction activity.  In contrast, many other firms base their fees on a percentage of your income. As a result, the fees they charge bear no direct relationship to the accounting or collection activity performed.

2. Accounting Professionals versus Office Clerks.

 Homeowner Association Accounting Services is a division of AccounTax, Inc. All of our owners and employees are experienced accounting professionals with many years of experience preparing financial statements, tax returns and accounting reports. We do not employ untrained clerks to collect your funds or prepare your financial statements. Our goal is to relieve you of as many paperwork headaches as possible so that you can concentrate on the effective management of your association.

3. True Financial Statements versus Cash Disbursement Schedules.

 Our financial statements are prepared by trained accountants on the accrual basis using generally accepted accounting practices.  Our financial statements will give you up to date accounts receivable and accounts payable information.  Many of our competitors are not trained accountants and their statements are merely a cash receipt and disbursement list.

4. Proposals That Reassure versus Contracts That Trap..

 Our proposal to provide you with accounting services is not a binding contract on your association. The only party that is bound to perform is us ! If you are not fully satisfied with our performance, for any reason, you can cease using our services. Compare that with a firm that requires you to sign an annual contract. We know that you are not bound to us by anything more than the quality of our service and we will continuously strive to keep you satisfied.

We realize that many of our competitors charge all of their fees up front. They do this to make it difficult for you to get competitive bids or change to a better accounting firm. If you are subject to this onerous billing practice, we will help you overcome this barrier to changing to a better accountant by providing our services at no additional cost for the remainder of the year.

5. Collection Efforts versus Cheap Talk.

We make an active effort to help your association collect its assessments. Past due notices are sent out promptly on a schedule set by you and we follow them up with a personal telephone call from our office. If requested, we can accept credit card payments to aid in collection. Bad checks are promptly turned over to the prosecuting attorney’s office for collection. Liens are prepared by our office on a timely basis. When all else fails, we have retained the services of an attorney with years of experience in filing collection lawsuits against delinquent homeowners. If your association has had difficulty with collections, then its time to consider a new accounting firm.

6. Pride in Performance versus Pride in Numbers.

 We are a professional accounting firm and our reputation is everything to us. Our business mission is to provide our clients with the best quality personal service at a fair price. Our personal goals are to create a business that our family will be proud to carry on. Our largest competitor claims that it has hundreds of clients, and you wonder why they don’t know or care who you are.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of service that professional accountants can provide to your association.

Thank you,

Terri Launhardt, MBA
Greg Launhardt, CPA